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Join us in our campaign for change! Volunteer as much or as little as you like. Bring your ideas, expertise, and help in any way you can. We'd love to have you join our team!

Karen Walsh


Please support my campaign by telling your friends and neighbours about my platform and encouraging them to Like and Follow me on social media. Let's get the word out that change is on the way for Pembroke!

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Please support my campaign for change by making a donation. Your generous help would go towards creating marketing materials and community outreach.

Tax receipts are available.

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Your Pembroke City Council Candidate 2022


  • Infrastructure -  specifically roads and sidewalks for safety of all residents. There is a very senior population here!

  • Sewer and water mains to be able to sustain healthy water supply and sewage treatment by pursuing and accessing more financial grants from both Provincial and Federal Governments - Show me the money!

  • Communication - with the city so that all residents feel heard, timely and efficient responses to concerns and questions.  Listen!


  • The health and well being for all residents including vulnerable population, indigenous, seniors and youth with improved programs and opportunities to become more involved in the community through healthy lifestyle activities, new festivals and programs throughout the year (Pembark)

  • Support local businesses with incentives and co-sponsoring of events to draw visitors to Pembroke from all over the county. 


  • New opportunities for larger businesses to relocate here to promote growth and attract a younger demographic to Pembroke, enhance community development, more business and economic development means more tax base = more money to support and sustain our city. 

  • Continue to build on safe accessible spaces for community involvement through park rejuvenation and maintaining the beauty of the waterfront all along the river enhancing what this beautiful City already has to offer. 

  • Alternative transit forms - bike lanes/bike rentals for safe “green” transportation end to end in the City.

Pembroke, Ontario

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Business &







For All



We Support The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation & Local Healthcare

My 104.9 Pembroke Today Radio Interview


Communication is a big reason she decided to run for council and says she recently had to wait months to get an answer back from city staff.

New Ideas

Walsh says she would bring new eyes, new ideas and new perspective and would be honoured to represent residents on council.


She hopes to attract more people to live in Pembroke to help grow the tax base.


Walsh grew up in Ottawa, has spent over 30-years teaching with the York District Catholic School Board and retired in 2019. Walsh decided to move closer to family that lives in the Ottawa Valley and found a home in Pembroke.

Karen Walsh My 104.9 Interview
Time For Change

The         Of The Ottawa Valley

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Election 2022
October 24th   /  10 am - 8 pm
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Things can't change if they don't change!
Pembroke, Ontario
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